Android file recovery? ( I messed UP! )


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So, this is ridiculously stupid of me, but sometimes that's me. I figured my phone was acting up too much so I decided to factory reset my Samsung Galaxy S5 Active. Neat. Reinstalling apps, yada yada, and it dawns on me. I formatted away my installation of Mylog Pro, which tracks mileage! I nuked about 5 months worth of data.

I was able to get a new copy just fine, but I have no records of close to 20,000 miles of Uber and Lyft rides.
Sooooo does anyone know of any recovery programs for Android like there are for Windows OS's? I think I have just royally screwed the proverbial pooch.


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Any file within the formatted permission can be recovered until a new file overwrites it. If it was stored on a removable SD card, you can use utilities like Recuva to view the files that have been flagged as "deleted" but not overwritten yet, and then recover those files. I would search for "file recovery" applications for your device if it is on the internal storage. You may also be able to point Recuva to your phone while it is plugged into your computer via USB and have it recover files that way.

It will help to know the file extensions or names of what you're looking for in the formatted partition.

TLDR: Good chance you can recover the files if you haven't overwritten them with new information.