And UberEATS boost is gone... good job


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The boost for UberEATS was at 2.2x last week and now it's at 1.2x at the most. No one will drive for that price


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I just started UberEats as my car is too small to qualify for passengers. So its true that the only boost is 1.1x or 1.2x or if I drive 20 minutes I can get to a 1.3x rate. This is way less than I thought the boosts would be. Plus, I position myself in at least a boost area, but it always sends my delivery way out of a boost area. I go off line and drive back to boost area. Plus, they route me on the toll road. I don't even know how to get that back.
Anyway, I am laid off and need income so I started Postmates and DD so at least I have options. Postmates sent me on a toll as well and their GPS is wonky. They also said if I made 3 deliveries I would make $15.00 extra, but I haven't seen it. Its complicated for the newbies!
Just out trying to make some money and learn from you vets! Thanks