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The article says that if a driver does not have ‘close and sustained contact’, they don’t run a risk for infection.

Since ’sustained contact’ is > 15 mins. and ‘close contact’ in within 2 meters. If you accept long rides, you better have a really big car. Or better yet, one with its own quarantine quarters:
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Cold day, windows all rolled up, pax sneezing and coughing, touching doors and buttons and knobs and seatbelt...

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The Gift of Fish

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Are they going to require medical records to reinstate him? Meanwhile, how many drivers are actively driving around actually sick with the flu right this minute?
Those questions cannot be answered by simply reading the posted article. You would need to contact Uber to help you with your enquiries.
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So 14 minutes is ok. 15 isn't? Makes no sense.
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In the UK I could call an ambulance but in the USA I can't afford one.
Apparently, acording to Uber 14 minutes isn’t ok if it was in the press. They are a “technology company” so, you know - they’re experts!