An unusual five-star comment


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I don’t know if this is part of an official enforcement program or simply a passenger knowledgeable about the ACT’s legislative requirements for rideshare.
Wouldn't surprise me if there's watch dogs around, maybe this is why Qld drivers have such strict regulations, we must be terrible at all aspects of rideshare after possibly being investigated by QLD passenger transport, via their workers using the Uber passenger app.

Ben Hall

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:biggrin::biggrin: Good times.
They were good times when uber first started in Adelaide. $45.00 per hour plus fares which were few and far between. One night they had me sit at the airport for 8 hours, no pings but got paid $360.

Was also great when 8 out of the 10 drivers would meet at the OTR and play pass the ping. Many pax never saw us.

Kah Chere

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Jack, here is my most unusual feedback.
I should add there is nothing in the road rules that say you can't accelerate out of roundabouts.

Jack, my apologies for mentioning the ability to accelerate...I should have been more sensitive, but then my EQ isn't so high.
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