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An Uber driver trying to hand in a petition was tackled by security at Uber HQ

Discussion in 'News' started by BurgerTiime, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. BurgerTiime


    Full story: https://www.buzzfeednews.com/articl...-was-just-tackled-to-the-ground-outside-ubers
    An Uber driver attempting to deliver a petition to the ride hailing company's headquarters in San Francisco was tackled and brought to the ground by a security officer Friday afternoon.

    Video of the incident shows a half dozen sign-holding protesters trying to enter the building at 1455 Market Street in San Francisco where Uber is headquartered. When one man — a driver named Thom Hoffman — almost makes it inside, a security worker in a black hoodie grabs him from behind and drags him to the ground.
    In an emailed statement to BuzzFeed News, Uber's Director of Physical Security Carla Gray said the man in the video works for a third-party contractor, and had been put on administrative leave while "the matter is being investigated."
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  2. Transeau


    Sure.... I believe Uber when they "the matter is being investigated."
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  3. Hearts and minds uber, hearts and minds...


    I mean it sucks for the guy who got tackled but it's a crap load of egg on uber's face.
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  4. mbd


    That uber driver is stupid
    He should have send a minority
    Female lesbian ... then no way the security would have tackled that person.
  5. BurgerTiime


    He’s was trying to let them know stop being so generous and lower the pay cause paying taxes on $96,000.00 kinda sucks.
  6. You’re right. There are terrorists inside that building
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  7. Do you have the right to throw the passenger out of your car?
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  8. rman954


    Fort Lauderdale
    Awesome lawsuit material. I should go slip and fall in the green light hub.
  9. Not forcibly

    Yeah that would play much better in the court of public opinion sadly. Missed opportunity here
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  11. 1.5xorbust


    San Diego
    Damage control must be a nightmare for their PR department.
  12. MoreTips


    Does it surprise any of us that they use a Independent contractor group for their security, lol. Now they can "deactivate" the guard while they investigate. Uber won't take responsibility for anything.
  13. Travis Kalanick personally trained the guard to kill drivers. It was only a matter of time
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  14. At least he will never have to drive pax around anymore. Ca Ching
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  15. What a hostile enviroment Uber has created outside it's headquarters. They will probably have to ask the governor to deploy the national guard for protection against it's own drivers. Things are really starting to boil over.
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  16. This !
    This is how Uber treats the People who Built it !

    This is How Uber Listens to Drivers !

    A Petittion !

    Body Slammed to the Ground !

    IT SHOWS !

    Obviously Uber Hires Mercinaries !
    " Sub Contractors"
    The security under " Investigation"
    Will be in the Middle East in 3 weeks wearing White tennis shoes and black robes . . .for Twice the Pay !

    A " Normal" security guard does not flatten a man for trying to present a Petittion !


    ( to be fair to security guy that is a big ole boy. No knees used.security is only flat hand handling him.no sternum press, no pressure point. No airway press or chokehold,Actually a docile take down)( looks like he is being gentle once the guy is off his feet)
    ( that elbo at the xiphoid process at top of diaphragm could cause a world of hurt! But security isnt pressing it. Just in position to apply)

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  17. I'm going to have to say no on that one; not physically. The consensus among drivers is that it's best to call the cops and let them handle the extraction. Handling it this way is also great if you happen to video record the event - this allows you to then set up a Gofundme and receive tax-free gifts of $39,550 in the space of 7 days; a tidy little haul by anyone's reckoning.

    But your comparison is apples and oranges. A car is personal property from which the owner does have the right of removal, whereas the sidewalk where the gentleman was assaulted by Uber's contractor is public property. Additionally, social custom (and the law) state that one is not allowed to throw someone on the ground without justification.

    I guess Uber's email to drivers needs to be updated - they said, "we've got your back", whereas what they actually meant was "we'll grab you by your back and put your ass on the ground".
  18. SurgeMasterMN



    Thankyou for your inquiry. You message has been resolved #rohit

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  19. Best thing to ever happen to that driver.

    Good for him.

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