"Amholes," another company with the Uber corporate culture


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I read an article in the New York Times about amazon.com. They highlight what an amazingly awful place it is to work. Endless hours, poor communication from management unless they are telling you how stupid you are, and your peers can spear you with anonymous reports, so you basically work all the time with the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. You can literally be dismissed at any moment.

They call it cultural Darwinism or something like that. I call it "Welcome to the 21st century sweat shop!"

Although I bet they don't make employees use their own $30,000 cars to do their job.


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They probably just sucked at their job.

My son worked for Amazon here in the Phx area and said they were awesome to work for.

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Libercontrarian, it can't be both ways. If totally unregulated, businesses will always seek the lowest dollar solution to labor, and we're seeing the beginnings of the issues with the so called sharing economy.


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Bezos came forward as well as other current employees and said it was a lie, if you know anything about bezos is he has never come forward to defend anything.

One said maybe it was how it used to be but they have never experienced anything like it.