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Amber Cab!


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That’s nice, here thanks to the cut the company takes they set up agreements with almost every company imaginable and some drivers (like me) capitalize on it and a daily account take is $150 on a bad day. Much more impressive when your company isn’t pushing it


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It gets better. I get a ping to a local welfare hotel...lots of them here in the West End.
Lady asks "do you charge me to turn around?"
I say yes, meter starts when everyone gets in.
Pulls her baby out of the cab says "turn the cab around on your dime, I ain't rich..."
Now I'm laughing and swearing to my empty cab as I do a three point turn.
But wait, there's more!
After she berates me for MY attitude, she says (100 meters before the highway exit) "let me off here. I only got $7.50".
I.told her "I can't let a baby off on the highway, pay me the $7.50 and I'll get you up to the burger king parking lot".
Now it's $8.50. I don't care, I'm a parent. I'm not dumping a baby off on the highway.
Now she calls me a *** and a ************ and a few more endearing terms for "going so slow you made the meter go up".
I pointed out the dashcam as she threatened to turn me in. "We are both held accountable for our language, young lady. Smile, you are on video..."
I had to ask her 3 times for the money. I got $7.
I would have just smiled and drove away, not a word. I've also blocked phone numbers from riders that have been a pain, so not to get them again. In my quick response msg, I send em a note saying I'm unavailable, and to call dispatch and give em one of the local cab companies phone number :wink: Let them have the problem riders.