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Anybody here drive for amazon flex? If so, how long did it take for them to get back to you once you signed up? Also what are your thoughts about it?


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from: [email protected]


Thank you for your interest in Amazon Flex!

We have passed your information along to the appropriate team and they will reach out when we have more available sessions for your location.

No further action is needed on your part. Please keep an eye on your email for an update.

Thank you again for your interest!

Best regards,
Jenny Y

Thank you.


"more available sessions" suggests they have enough drivers for the quantity of pkgs Flex is handling in SA.

A friend in Austin has friend who is doing very well with Flex.


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They pay per block. Each block varies in amount of packages to deliver.


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I know two guys in Austin who want to drive Flex. They have been all the way through the onboarding process.

One guy had one 4-hour slot of deliveries, made a bunch of money.

But now when either of them sign up on the calendar to deliver, they check back, their signups have been removed.

Neither of them have any idea of what's going on with Flex.
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