Amazon Flex?


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So I signed up for Amazon Flex in Dayton but haven't seen any offers after clicking a bunch. I suspect that the warehouse is not officially opened yet. Has anyone else signed up for Flex in Dayton and, if so, have you gotten any offers? Two questions: 1) Is Flex live in Dayton, Ohio and 2) Out of curiosity does anyone know where the warehouse for Dayton will be located at?

Also, I'm wondering if it's Dayton, Ohio or not because it didn't list a state on the job opening to Amazon Flex in Dayton.


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I'm not in Ohio, I'm in Fort Myers FL, area. Over 2 weeks ago Amazon let me know they'd be opening a hub near me. So, I did the long 2 week hiring process and officially I'm a Flex Driver. However, like the problem you described I'm going through the same thing currently. I have not been assigned any blocks north has there been any for me to sign up for. I'm pretty discouraged.

Are you getting any offers now???
Was your hub live????
Just wondering if maybe my store isn't up and running yet .......TIA