Amazon Flex Disappointment

Jeff Walker

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I am really not happy with Amazon Flex. I signed up with them and was excited about the prospect of doing something fun that actually would make me a little money. But it took them 2 weeks to reply to me about my background check, They said it would only take 72 hours. Got excited again when that was completed and cleared..

Well that Thursday... all of my June grey dots vanished. I had to get with support to figure out,,, if they have nothing, they take those away.. well.. it happened again this week as well.

I feel like I completely wasted my time, excitement, and energy.. replaced by an "it figures and you should have known" attitude.


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I know how your feeling, I felt the same when I signed up. But your almost never going to get assigned a block.
You have to learn how to fight for blocks around the time Amazon puts them out for your program. For my program here in Texas it's 10PM. You got to be quick. I think out of all this time I have been a partner. I've been assigned a block maybe 4 times. It's also been times I declined the block because I didn't like the time, then competed that night for blocks and got a better one (based on time). For me I like blocks as early or as late as possible, no afternoon blocks - those suck. Good luck...