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Am I understanding rideshare insurance?????

Oscar Levant

Well-Known Member
Am I understanding rideshare insurance correctly? I'm in Connecticut and looking to get a new(er) car to transition from Eats to start driving pax. GEICO quoted me a $4,389 annual premium! How is this even manageable? Looking for advice. Thanks in advance!
Mercury is about $125 per month. GEICO is probably thinking full on commercial, that's not what you need.


I know this thread is primarily about rideshare insurance costs, but I want to throw my experience with Uber & James River into the pot. I think I caught a break when I got rear-ended two years ago while attempting to pick up a pax because Uber connected me with a James River agent within ten minutes. She was feisty (in a good way), and helped me win the case, which went through subrogation and arbitration, which took six months. She didn't drop the ball once, nor did she send me on a wild goose chase.

I think it's interesting that Progressive doesn't offer rideshare coverage here in CA. I paid a little over $1900 / yr. with Mercury last year.

Gtown Driver

Well-Known Member
Uber and Lyft rates are too low and they've killed their bonuses too hard to take Geico's rideshare insurance crap. It's a waste of money and they'll push it on you if they can. Especially if you're doing a Fair rental/lease program they'll just hope you sucker up into it and watch your payments rise if you ding anything. 300 and 400 dollar a month payments isn't worth the chump change Uber and Lyft give you. Like said before, you might as well take up a taxi at those payments.

There are other smaller companies that provide rideshare coverage at prices close to personal insurance. Just have to ask around.