Am I about to break an Uber record for longest trip???


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Just got this out of DTLA... currently negotiating return trip $$$...



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No traffic = more mpg.

Thats at least 300 deadmiles.

$50 tip for gas at least.

12+ hours time wasted.

Total $350 gross.

Some people may consider this trip great, some a great loss. But yeah, if it was from Lyft that would have been $50-$60 more, without any pt/surge.

Take at own discretion.


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Check in along the way and when you get back so we know you're okay.

Oh, some Sourdough Bread and Chocolate please. Just the tourist stuff is okay. I'm not picky. :smiles:


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Just got this out of DTLA... currently negotiating return trip $$$...

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This is the record run.

It sounds like insanity, but one courageous Uber driver agreed to drive YouTube celebrity MrBeast 393. He’s known to do other outrageous things, to hand out $10,000 tip to pizza delivery guys. Once, they agreed to do the trip, MrBeast whole crew jumped in the caravan for a ride from North Carolina to California, a 2,256 miles distance! The driver was cool and calm throughout the trip. The driver’s name is Anthony as shown on MrBeast Uber request screen, late in the ride Anthony tells that he’s a commercial truck driver, that’s why it wasn’t a big deal for him.


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One must wonder why she doesn't fly from LAX to SFO and then Uber from SFO for much cheaper and faster. I would never put my car thru such cruelty even though it's a crappy car.


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Hopefully there was some PT or surge on that ride or very not worth it IMO.

As for long rides, I almost freaked out a couple weeks ago when I started a trip and watched as the map slowly zoomed further and further out as it was calculating the navigation. At first I got excited, thinking maybe it'd be like an hour+ ride on the 2.5 surge, but I got more and more worried as the map kept zooming out and by the time it reached the continental US, the destination still wasn't on the map. Zoomed all the way out to show the destination was somewhere in Europe at which point the uber app nav system timed out trying to find a route, lol. Luckily it wasn't the correct address.


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When I started the ride, that was legit what showed on my screen. However, It was the wrong city (correct street address). When I saw I double checked with the rider it was to Pasadena and not Sunnyvale.

Heart stopped for a split second when I saw the destination city but soon realized it had to be a mistake.

I wouldn’t have done it unless there was at least $150 return trip cash.