Always 8 On


I like to keep an eye on the uber and lyft app to see where other drivers are at. I am in a smaller town and when I look on the app, it's always 8 cars. Slow times are less, but almost always 8 at peak times. Is this just a limitation of the app? I ask because I am not picking up pax even close to as often as I use to. I am wondering if a bunch more drivers are actually out.

Mr. Yuck

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It varies from market to market. Here it only shows 4. I had a pax from ATL tell me they could see many more there.

Tars Tarkas

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My area is dense, and I've concluded from observation that 8 is the maximum it ever shows, the nearest 8. I can move my pickup location around a little and see that some particular ants disappear while other appear, but I NEVER see more than 8.