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How many drivers do we have here in the Altoona/Johnstown area? I’m hoping we can get enough drivers and voices together in this thread to get our city added as it’s own subforum. Bedford drivers feel free to chime in too, I believe we are your closest market, and would like to know how you guys are making out down there as well.

Altoona/Johnstown is a big region. Despite the two cities being lumped together, it realistically takes 45-60 minutes to travel between the two.

Let’s see if we can help each other out here. Altoona and Johnstown drivers can keep each other filled in on happenings in either city.

Would be nice to hear from some local guys and see what you all have to say. Until we get a dedicated subforum, if anyone is interested in keeping in touch, PM me and we could always start a group chat or something. Please be sure to post here though, to show your interest. Let’s get this going!

Coop Jtown

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from Johnstown PA here.. its slow here in town overall.. Barely enough to make me want to accept any ride when it pops up.. likely they just gotta go to walmart and are sitting eat n park.. which is about a mile trip.. so most times its a bust.. -

I just tried out altoona last night.. Friday.. figured I'd give it a go.. only got 3 rides..
How is it out your way.. is it more daytime oriented ?


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New in Johnstown- previously drove in DC. Can’t se how I’ll make enough here. Do drivers head to Pittsburgh for ride volume? Is there a trick I’m missing?