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Allstate Rideshare insurance in CA

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by Pancho2014, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Pancho2014

    Pancho2014 New Member

    Los angeles
    Was wondering if anyone has experience or knows about Allstate rideshare insurance in CA. Read a little bit bout it on the rideshareguy's blog and talked to an agent today, and what the agent told me sounded too good to be true. Supposedly, they will help cover the cost of Lyft or Uber's deductible. So if you are in a lyft accident for which you are responsible for, they will reimburse you $2000 of the astronomical lyft deductible.
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  2. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.

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  3. Wedgey

    Wedgey Active Member

    Chatsworth, CA
  4. Beur

    Beur Well-Known Member

    The Sandbox
    I know with State Farm I pay my deductible not Uber and Lyft's.
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