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Allstate Rideshare insurance in CA

Discussion in 'Insurance' started by Pancho2014, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. Pancho2014

    Pancho2014 New Member

    Los angeles
    Was wondering if anyone has experience or knows about Allstate rideshare insurance in CA. Read a little bit bout it on the rideshareguy's blog and talked to an agent today, and what the agent told me sounded too good to be true. Supposedly, they will help cover the cost of Lyft or Uber's deductible. So if you are in a lyft accident for which you are responsible for, they will reimburse you $2000 of the astronomical lyft deductible.
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  2. tohunt4me

    tohunt4me Well-Known Member

    new orleans , la.

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  3. Wedgey

    Wedgey Well-Known Member

    Chatsworth, CA
  4. Beur

    Beur Well-Known Member

    The Sandbox
    I know with State Farm I pay my deductible not Uber and Lyft's.
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  5. jaga

    jaga New Member

    san francisco
    yes , i have allstate risde share insurance but it only covers on period 1. which means only it will cover, if your app is on with no call and no customer. Allstate insurance already knows that Uber is not going cover for period 1, but they will give you a hard time and ask you to claim with UBER first & bring the decline letter from Uber insurance which is handle by James river insurance. Even though you explain very well to this insurance called James river, they will take 3-4 weeks to give you decline letter. As well as your UBER account will be deactive untill you do not fix the car. Becuase of uber insurance james river delays, Allstate can not proceed & give you the decission. so your car will not fixed for more than a month. this is my recent experience with Allstate with ride share coverage & James river (Uber Insurane).
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  6. KC4EVR

    KC4EVR New Member

    I beg to differ! Igot tboned by a car that ran a red light when I was offline....The other guy was at fault and had insurance, but Allstate took the ball and handled it right from day 1! i had only had just leased the vehicle 12 days earlier too...The agents at ALLSTATE were fabulous....besides having the lowest rates, their services were out standing.... I would never go with another insurance company other then allstate, i trust them completely!:)
  7. cola363

    cola363 Member

    Here in Illinois Allstate covers all three periods, not just period one.
  8. Dixon

    Dixon Member

    San Francisco
    I just had a small accident yesterday. I reported to uber and my insurance company Allstate. I was online and had customer while the accident happened but I told I wasn't working.Uber told me I have to pay $1000 if that was my fault. So I try to claim my own insurance. What if Allstate find I was lying? Can I just tell them I misunderstood the question as an excuse?
  9. pismire

    pismire Active Member

    Don't over think it. If your not sure, then tell them to quote the state minimum and then you can always up it from there to fit your comfort level. Just get TNC insurance in place BEFORE you drive. Just read through tonight's postings, one person got his car jacked, another totaled his Cadillac. Get your insurance right before you drive. Do not be a fool.
  10. steveK2016

    steveK2016 Well-Known Member

    I could see some jnsurance policies offering this for a premium. Its better for them for you to file the claim through uber then for them to have to pay on the claim. So if theres $5000 damage and a $500 deductible with allstate, theyd rather pay $1000 to you to file with james river and get it fixed through them. That would only cost them $1000 to cover your james river deductible rather than $4500 to fix the claim themselves. Thats pretty smart thinking if you ask me!
  11. coconutking

    coconutking New Member

    bay area
    I shop my car insurance from safebutler.com and they compared the price among a lot of companies and gave me a good answer on covering the rideshare. you could give it a shoot. BTW, pls use my invite code "UBER181" ;)
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