All time personal high for pax no show fees tonight


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Due to the influx of new drivers tonight was a slow Thursday for me.
I did however make a considerable amount of my whopping $89 earnings off of 6 no show pax.

All were in Little Italy. I waited 6 minutes and cxl-pax no show. That was $24 earnings for me from the stupid pax fee.

With the sudden influx of new drivers in San Diego, an Uber car is rarely more than 4 minutes away. In Little Italy it is more like 2 min.

Passengers have to be out on the street when they order an UberX, or just pay the $5 SPF.
I was happy to collect it tonight. It was more than a quarter of my earnings In the 6 hours I drove.
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Four bucks is usually more than the trip would net anyway. Better to just wait 5, collect $4 and move on.


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The San Diego market is so saturated anyhow, PAX don't have any trouble getting someone to wait for them. I don't. Be ready or try again.

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Five minutes and 10 seconds and I am out of there.
Hey buddy, are they paying you that $4 on the trip report for cancel no shows? We were not getting paid last month until we emailed csr about the no shows. Are you just hitting arrived and then canceling with no show option? I did that and was not getting paid, as well as others reporting here. Still waiting for escrow deal to close, in holding pattern in Temecula until Friday hopefully. Worked 2 weeks ago, sounds slow in San Diego, is it that bad or just a lot of negativity here? Owe you that drink when I'm back in Carlsbad.
Drive safe,
Five minutes and 10 seconds and I am out of there.