All the pretty colors


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Kearny, North Arlington area lit up like I Christmas tree with high surges this morning. I'm sitting right in the middle of it .... and all I'm getting is pool requests with no surge from 20 minutes away ? Probably Jersey City.

What a joke.

Update ..... so the surge vanished. I picked up.a minimum fare going across town . I drop them off. Now there's a surge again. How can that be possible ?


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Caught a lovely 1.2x in Westfield, yea!
Lately, the surge has been acting like a girl I wanted to date but just wanted to be friends.
Sorry, I like friends with benefits., so back to the shore.


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1.2x is Crap anything under 2x is a slap in the face. I was getting 2.4x guaranteed at Ewr a few months back like March for 4 Saturdays straight.. those were the days.. my runs all day long .. my cost running a prius after 300 city miles unde4 6 bucks.