All of us are in the wrong game...


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They thought the 600 fare estimate was in Chinese Yuan. = @£60. Serves the cheapos right.

james willmott-brown

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That looks real enough to me!
I take my hat off to you.
I've done a few myself but not as high as that!
Easy money this lark!
All you need is a nice Mercedes and a good attitude. Although sometimes the male riders can be a bit weird.
For instance late New Year's Eve night,
Man said Alright squire? Can I sit in the front?"
"Of course you can," was my reply.
Anyway once we got to his residence ' a big big house in Epping, he got out a £20 note and said " This is for you, you've been a real gent."

As he was just about to pass it to me he dropped it on his lap and invited me to take it from him.
I felt something hard from his groin area and thought ' hello' what's this.?'

I asked him if he had his mobile phone in his pocket, he replied; " No I'm just very pleased to see you!"

WTF!!! I thought , so I knew things may get a bit dicey and made my excuse to skidattle out of his long driveway ...
As I left he invited me to the Matinee of all places....

Give me half p-ssed women any day.


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That is what customers would pay with Carey Worldwide and Brunel Worldwide , the only difference is that Uber has a car in front of your house ready when you are !!!! Good service I say

But it is fake. Go find some excitement somewhere else you bunch of weirdos.


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Why would anyone pay 4.5 surge for the whole trip?
Order uber to take you out of the surge area, then book another car to take you the rest of the way, save a mint.

Wait a minute, it's fake though.