All Kinds a Wrong With This Driver Video


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He somehow let passenger take his car keys, then walks around with the camera pointed everywhere but where it should be...

Uber attack caught on camera.crazy lady stole my car keys on video!

In my 4000 rides i have never experienced something like this. Tonight i picked up a passenger in beverly hills and on the trip she said i was going the wrong way even thought i was using google maps. She was cursing and harrasing me for about 5 minutes so i decided to drop her off at the local police station . She wouldnt exit the car and jumped over and took my car keys and tried to take my phone. Police were called and they didnt do much but give me my keys back and tell me to go our own way. She was even cursing at the cops and threw her purse and cellphone . No,she wasnt arrested to my surprise the cops just told her to leave .



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This is how all Uber drivers are treated in NYC.
They start S like this with me, I unroll windows, turn off the car, pull phone, get out and walk around, open their door and tell them to get out, get out now, in no uncertain terms. If they don't immediatly get out, call the cops right away...don't let it escalate. Be ready to step back and start recording, also set alarm off on the car.

They always get out for me...can't believe that women drivers do this work. They and their families are nuts.

Female egecties are the worst and most foulmouthed.
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Was she drunk ? Sure sounds like it. This is what I do when picking up a pax , first and foremost I always ask each passenger whether they are local or visiting if they want to provide the directions or use the app. Second , if the app is used I leave the volume loud enough to ensure that they hear turn by turn so there are no surprises. Should an issue come up or if the pax feels like the directions are wrong then we work for a solution and there is no problem. We have enough stress with dealing with traffic , fares that are low , uber games , etc.. the last thing any driver needs is a stupid pax giving them a bad time for going the wrong way.