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All Driving Jobs are Illegal


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Go to the TLC courts, go to the traffic courts, etc. You will find there are plenty of cab drivers, truck drivers and NY TLC licensed drivers there to go with the non-licensed Uber drivers.

You will not be able to put 50,000 miles on a car without getting pulled over for something. That will not happen. You will get a ticket at some point. You may think you are "legal" with your trucking license or hack license or TLC plates, but believe me the cops WILL find something to get you. Have something on your windshield? Thats a ticket. Anything obstructing your plate? Thats a ticket. A little sleepy and went through that red? Yep, ticket ticket ticket.

Getting tickets is a fact of life in the driving biz. You WILL NOT escape it no matter what you do. You can do your best to mitigate that risk through sensible driving and awareness, but eventually you will get pulled to the side and get that ticket.

The BEST you can do is to know its coming and get ready for it. Relax. Play nice with the cops. Thats the BEST you can do. Luckily, Uber helps you out in certain situations with an attorney. Trouble with the airport cops? They will help you out...that is if the ticket is related to your use of the app and not, lets say, you doing 100 mph through the airport.

I see dozens of posts of people who are concerned about the cops and even one guy says he is going to escape out of this by driving a truck. Let me tell you. Ive been to traffic court quite a few times, been pulled over 18 times and this was all BEFORE I joined Uber. Since joining Uber, I have been pulled over twice which is pretty good. I got pulled over once for being in a 3 person HOV lane when I only had one in the car. I was pulled over at the airport for just Ubering around. I got out of one ticket with a warning and I got issued a $54 ticket at the airport. Some of you might be amazed, but let me tell you how I got that slap on the wrist. I simply played it cool smiling and telling the truth. I have all my paperwork ready to go. I did the best I could do and was ready for it having been pulled over 18 times from every agency from Suffolk County to the NYPD and all the way out to California with the CHP.

If you are scared of the cops, let me tell you, driving isnt for you.