Drivers beware of requests from address 724 Madeira Drive Northeast. This is a party/drug house!!! I've picked up from here several times early mornings around 4 and 5am and its always a problem. Today July 18 at 5:52am I accepted a request from Michael at this address. He was drunk and high on coke, the sniffles every couple of seconds and no he does not have allergies. He was rude and aggressive and became what I consider violent in nature. Wanted me to make multiple stops at a drive thru and a friends house to pickup, what he describe to me as something. When I told him I do not make multiple stops he became very angry with me and told me that he works for the military and that if he wanted he could have me and my family exterminated from the planet. I immediately pulled over and exited my vehicle, walk around to passenger door, opened door and asked him to exit, which he did.
I contacted Uber and reported him but have not received a reply. I went to the cop shop to fill out a assault report but was told without a last name or a address that there is nothing the police can do. Told them to contact Uber and the police said that that won't help because of the privacy laws, Uber will not release that information. Advice from a lesson learned: GET A F___ING DASH CAM TO COVER YOUR ASS!!!!!!
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Has the dash cam made any difference to pax attitude?

Dash cam was installed about a month ago. Two paxs have asked about it and one was a lawyer and she tried to trap me legally thinking that I didn't do my research on recording laws in New Mexico. Boy did she find out the hard way, lol. All other paxs don't notice the cam or maybe they do but don't ask about it. Everyone is now on their best behavior. THE CATTLE NOW KNOW THE FENCE IS ELECTRIC!!!!! :eek: