Albuquerque Sunport Uber Designated Pickup Spot - Map Pin Says Door 4


The app takes the driver to door 4. This is the map pin and this is where the clock starts to run. The rider see "baggage claim 2 area", which is closer to door 2. I always text drivers to meet me between door 4 and door 5 to meet the map pin and to start the clock running. Some riders want door 2, but the rationale for door 4-5 is: 1. that is the map pin so that is what Uber negotiated with the Sunport so driver must go to door 4-5. 2. Driver cannot look at every person in the pick up area so it is best to concentrate at door 4-5. 3. Security is tight at the Sunport (very true) and Uber drivers have to follow the rules or get booked by TSA.

I have written and called Uber about this several times but Uber knows nothing and does nothing about this conflict situation between driver and pax.