Albany, Catskill, Saratoga and surge


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I drove in Hudson last summer with some good results. I How about Catskill? Any good times, days to drive there? I so far have not had much luck there. I have been driving in Albany lately on the weekends, sometimes good, sometimes not. With colleges out seems a lot less active. And where is surge? All gone? Could some folks give me some info about surge please? I see an area lit up and start driving there and in a flash it's gone. How does one work with surge?
Would you recommend driving in Satatoga now on the weekends, or weekdays before the races open?


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I've caught 1 pax on a DF in Catskill in almost a year of driving. Albany is starting to have some boosts posted. I would assume those are good times. last boost I saw was Monday Morning commute. Next boost for Albany is 1.2X Sat 12AM to 3AM. Don't chase surge, learn the patterns and be there ahead of time. keep the app off-line until just before the surge peaks, the more drivers on line, the less the surge will be. Saratoga had some good surges during track season. I wasn't driving, but watching the app during & after the races. This year could be better as more local people will have the app, last year it was brand new in the area.


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Thanks much for responding to my post. Most helpful. Good suggestions. Didn't know about the technique of leaving the app offline until just before the surge peaks. Clever! That would be nice--if more customers have the app around Saratoga this summer. Albany had surge patterns and I was watching them, but now they seem to have disappeared. How come?


albany driver here; fwdmarch is right, the end of the college semester has definitly reduced the frequency and quality of surge in the albany, schenectady, troy area. The suggestions above are your best bet, at least until the racing season begins at the end of july.