Airport Update News (the "For Dummies" guide like me)


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Quick Notes
*Restart your phone to join the Airport que... There is a bug it seems. The phone forced me to rechoose what map I wanted and the background map changed. On the way back home it changed back to the normal old UBER map... Go figure.
*When you usually can see how many cars are in the que that has disappeared and just shows Tulalahmarine. No pin with a number... Gone
*It is still a one hour wait limit
*The entry gate is still the same
*As a rule no planes arriving of any interest between 11.30pm and 5.30am
*New toilets for men and women
*If the wash basins are being used as wash basins then a few plugs with chains on them would not go astray...
Value Long Stay Parking has mostly been converted back into well dah... Value Long Stay parking.
Now when you pull in through the VLS the sign directs you to the left... (where all the rubbish blows and is pinned against the fence) Interestingly enough at 3am they were street sweeping the empty car park next to VLS for no apparent reason. The cleaner just looked like he was doing donuts...
There are new portable toilets (x6) in this new holding bay that is now limited to 100 cars... There are sinks that look like some drivers are having a portable shower in. Similar to what I saw happening when I was in India last year and probably many other countries. Maybe somebody should buy some plugs for the sink instead of plugging them up with TP. The girls toilet is still locked off for some reason (3 shitters) and only the male toilet is open (3 shitters) The toilets dont have the usual plastic bottle next to the porcelain bowl yet but they will come for sure. Where they get the water from to squirt up there and how they get it boggles the mind... The toilets stink and they have only just been opened. I feel like we have been relegated to a kitty litter box. I went there to scope out the changes and to give the car a spruce up. There were 10 other misguided fools there waiting on planes. I explained that the last plane lands approx 11.30 pm and the first plane does not land till 5.15am... I told 5 of them and left the other 5 to wonder what the duck just happened and to get excited as they had probably just jumped to number 5 in the que... Even more funny when you know that no plane will be arriving... One of them said that there will be staff to take home... I laughed and asked are you willing to wait 90 minutes for a local staff member to take home for $10 at most. Including myself we are not the brightest of people at 3am... and that is being generous.
Note: Yes I know that a couple of internationals will land at 4am and 5am. The tour buses will be lined up waiting to take them to their hotels mostly and or will not have heard of UBER.
If you area going to wait for whatever strange reason... Then at least don't fool yourself too much. After 15 minutes at least check the flight arrival details...
I know I pull in there telling myself that I am there to pick up a passenger. Really I am taking a hour lunch break and will happen to get a passenger at the end of that lunch break. That makes more sense to me.

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Good cafe next door at the cab rank, decent enough toilets there too.
Won't lose spot with uber walking over..~

They really don't want to pay surcharge do they, this is Friday night last week, tulla is usually particularly busy at this time as the last planes come in all full, on a friday, 1 uber available, sea of red everywhere around, but do they let a driver clean up even just a little from tulla?
No chance