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Airport -- traffic attendants taking notes?


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I've seen traffic attendants taking notes. Looking at Uber/Lyft cars. No idea what they are doing, and I'm usually to much in a hurry to get in and out to ask. Anyone know what they might be up to? Wondering if they might crack down or something. Generally they just keep things flowing and haven't had any issues from them.

Excluding one old dude harassed me about sitting at the curb when I was waiting for my PAX. And it was dead at the airport, no traffic. And that was the time he decided to tell me I can't wait. When it's a ghost town. I could see my PAX walking to me so I just pointed and said, he is right there walking to us.


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I’ve noticed this also, they look like they’re writing down license plate so hopefully they’re going to crack down on the drivers that don’t have the correct dress in their windows, the ones that are not stopping at crosswalks like they’re supposed to and speeding. Oh and the old man at the airport is Mr. grumpy pants, he’s a total a-hole


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LOL no kidding Mr Grumpy. I totally get when traffic backed up cars not waiting and keep things moving. Only car sitting there, you could be a little more casual and maybe strike up a conversation with me LOL. I'm the only car sitting on the curb and he is like "What do you think you are doing." Well, picking up my passenger about all I got going on at the moment.