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Airport Runs


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How does anyone make money doing airport runs?? 2 and a half hours..2 rides and only 19 bucks? is that normal for people who do sit in the airport queue?
There's plenty of people willing to sit around and do nothing for hours until a ride shows up. $60 in a 10 hour day is fine because you didn't waste any gas just sitting there at the airport and you can go cash out every night and probably pay your $200/mo rent at Cedar Riverside pretty easily.


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Sean is right - there are 600 cabs at Super America each making 50 - 100 dollars a day working 12 hour days. This will eventually happen with Uber.


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LYFT is better. Uber is a joke! On campus there's a Movment to delete the uber app and someone handed out flyers with their code to join LYFT, lol. Word is getting out about mistreatment, non tipping and sexism.