airport rematch after cancellation

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I was at srq last week when I had a ping. I wait the few minutes, and it gives me the option to cancel the ride, which I did, because (just as I found out later) the rider ordered the Uber once the plane doors opened. Apparently, it took a little while for the old people (according to the rider), and it timed out so she got canceled.

Well, once she got canceled, she immediately put in the order again...and dopey me picks up the first ping. Of course it's the same name, so shame on me for picking up the job twice. Of course, the rider goes into wait time again before I see the rider emerge from the terminal.

Once I get the rider in the car, she confirms what happened. The biggest PITA is that I was in the short term lot and was going to get going since my 30 minutes was almost up (getting closer anyway) when I got the first ping. Then I waited, and canceled, and then got another ping right off the bat. So dummy me waits, and then once we get in the car and going, my parking goes past the 30 minute mark and I had to pay the $2 fee.

Now, I got my cancellation fee from Uber, so the parking fee is half that...kind of annoying, but I'm not really worried about that so much.

What I'm wondering is...why am I rematched with the same rider? I get it if I am put back in the number 1 position in the queue, but it would make more sense to have that pax matched with another driver.

The Uber helpdesk was not very helpful or informative.


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it automatically pairs with the person first in the queue. also, even if you have a ping, go around thru the booth, and ride around and get a new parking stub. i dont pay for parking when its unecessary. I do this usually only if I see several planes are coming in at one time. I rarely sit around the airport waiting, its dead time. unless i need a break or to wipe down the car.