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Airport Queue now has a limit?


Lying? Uber or Lyft would never do that!!(both of them are lying FU@#$@@@@RS. Ok so I am Platinum Uber pro,big deal points dont buy my gas or my dinner.
So I get to know my destination and time and distance,Uber says! I get a Ping on a rematch from the airport 20 min northeast,so I figure downtown,I get the pax and i start the app,now it says 5 min 1.5 miles to the hotel on brookpark. I ask the passenger if he changed his destination and he says,No I never did that. So as we all know UBER is lying to us even on UBER PRO,but they are giving us 3 points,Hey UBER you know why you can do with your 3 points.MOTHERF%$#@*&&^%%$.

Michael - Cleveland

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He's not wrong. A buddy of mine is a Cleveland cop. They are cracking down on prostitution a lot lately and he says that prostitutes servicing men in that lot is becoming a problem. I've seen these things too.
hmmm - never been a problem for me... too bad.
Cleveland cops do not patrol the lot - it's not in their jurisdiction. It's Fairview Park. Cleveland Airport cops may, though.
I got another ride to the airport and went back to the lot again. I saw a driver giving themselves a bath with bottled water. Like seriously? A bath in the parking lot? What is wrong with these people?


I pulled in there for the first time ever since I’ve started driving ( 3 years ) a couple weeks ago. Wtf was my first reaction. Complete sh*t hole. Never again.