Airport Pickups in Richmond


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Apparently there was glitch in the system for 2 hours from 2-4 no one got trip requests


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Late evenings are a busy time for arrivals at RIC (9 pm to midnight). But at 80¢ a mile, it's not worth the dead miles to get there unless you're already in the East End.


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C.R England

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If you're going to work RIC, you might as well do it by the book:

It's entirely possible to comply with state law and airport rules and regulations and avoid citations and summons. Many drivers have done so since TNCs first arrived in Richmond in August nearly two years ago.

Uber provides a step-by-step guide here (and the same pick-up process applies to Lyft drivers, too):

Thank you! Explains why I got the awful Pittsburgh Steeler Licensees decal! :smiles: