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Airport (PBI) strategies?

Uber Sales Guy

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Now: don't bother!

In season: anytime counter shows less than 30 in the queue. Generally wait is around 15-20 mins then.

Problem: You get to the top of the line and get a pool ping from Walmart down the way. Got to take or you get bumped to the back of the queue.

Fares: all over the board. From quick trips to the island all the way to going to Miami. If it's a short ride and the counter still under 30 you can just repeat though.

I live close by. In season I make an airport PU my first ride and then just follow the pings from there.

Oh and easiest airport to pick up from. Just call your pax and have them look up at the green sign and tell you which one they are standing under. If they say they are inside I tell them to walk outside and I wait till they do and tell me which sign BEFORE I move. If they say they are where the shuttles are I tell them to turn around and walk their dumb ass back to the main sidewalk. I've never had a missed pickup by doing this.


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Anyone can tell me what that means?
In queue 51 and I'm in 60th position? Doesn't make sense to me.
Or 60 in queue and I'm in 51 position?

airport queue .png


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Only work PB Int when I get a ride up from Lauderdale. Done it twice and gotten nothing but pools. Are people just cheaper here? Whats the desl?