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Airport Mishaps - next time better take the warning...


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"When an officer from the St. Louis Airport Police Department made the same request, Dees says he handed over his license. The officer, in turn, gave Dees a warning: "He said, 'Don’t come back to the airport.'"

Dees didn't heed the warning. He says he returned to the airport multiple times over the next week or so.

Then, on the morning of July 14, Dees picked up a male passenger in Clayton and delivered him to the American Airlines terminal at Lambert. After helping the passenger with his bags, Dees says he was about to drive away when an airport cop ordered him to exit his minivan.

It was the same officer who had previously warned him not to come back, Dees says. Another officer stood in front of the minivan, which Dees says was already in gear and moving forwards. Dees remembers someone yelling that he was assaulting an officer.

"The whole thing lasted two or three seconds," Dees says. "I hadn’t touched anybody at all. And then they cuffed me. "

Dees' minivan was towed and impounded. Dees was arrested and transported to Clayton for processing. Some five hours later, he was released. "


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If your assuming this happens at Jax airport, I think you may be telling a little lie here. I work the airport have been for over a year and I never had any problems picking people up. Maybe Im lucky but I can tell you I see at least 10 uber drivers there a day at one time. If they were arresting us I would think that lot would be empty.


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No Sir, I was not suggesting that this happens at Jax Airport, that was not the point of the post.. it was informative in nature. However, I will tell you that if you think your safe at Jax Airport, you've got another thing coming. They do not arrest anyone, but they do give out tickets every now and then. I'm only here to share information.. and that was an interesting story, if I wanted to suggest anything.. I would have done it... LOUD AND CLEAR...