Airport geo fence is broken


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Hey everyone hitting dtw for uberx. Little insight we just discovered. Anywhere withong the airport area is apparently broken. If you want a ride sit North of i94. Something with the queue is not working. Drivers are saying they've sat in North lot for 2 hours. The second we drove North of 94 requests came in.


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I did a drop off at the airport yesterday. While I was there I noticed on both Lyft and Uber apps drivers were everywhere. Mostly in the lines waiting for pickups.
I don't work the airport but was curious...with Uber I thought you needed to be around but not on the grounds. Seems like it's back to the Wild West with drivers on both apps and all fighting to get closets.


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I drive in Chicago we have noticed in the last week are airports are surging does Detroit get surges on airports just asking