airport fine?


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No, but I heard it's $1000 fine. I have been ignoring airport pings, riders were often confused where to go, expensive fine, and time spent getting into the airport are not worth it. I ignored two back-to-back pings from airport this morning and I was 25 minutes away (the pings say 12 minutes and I was still in Eagan near highway 13, straight line may take 12 minutes but I had to drive up north to 494 to cross the river, no way I could get there in 12 minutes). Not to mention hardly Surge at the airport. Not worth it.


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I went ahead and checked the city ordinances and I'm not seeing the fine total being $1,000 or even $300 like I've heard before as well. I'm just curious if anybody has ever actually been fined and what the fine was.