Airport crazy this morning


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4 airport runs this morning. Lines everywhere. I also got pinged 14 minutes away for an XL run at the airport.


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I had a couple airport runs this morning, didn't seem unusually busy. The 60 wasn't even too bad.


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I was around Tempe and the airport was surging. It was at 2.5 for awhile

I was sitting in the lot in queue 7 cars and not one moved for 15 mins


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Last night Sunday 9ish +- app showed 2.5 surge quite a while Uber over 50 in queue and Lyft more although tempting I could see trap lure you in and surge goes away. I hate being a sitting duck. Did anyone try that wasn't already there?


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If you are not already in the que when the airport goes red the chances of getting a surge ride are slim to non.
Yep the only time I got a 2.5 surge from the airport was when I was in the xl only queue and it started to turn red so i switched to x only. Its nice Uber gave us that feature, but Lyft makes PLUS take base run.