After London Bans Uber, New York Weighs Limits to Help Cabbies


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"A week after London moved to revoke Uber Technologies Inc.’s operating license, the company and its electronic ride-hailing competitors are feeling the heat in New York as city officials consider moves to regulate and control the industry.

The City Council on Monday was considering a six-month study of Uber’s impact on the traditional yellow cab business, where the value of medallions -- licenses to operate taxis -- has dropped by 90 percent in the past four years. Medallion owners and some council members say the city shouldn’t have allowed companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in New York without applying the same fees and regulations.

The taxi owners are pushing for officials to rescue their industry. They are emboldened by London’s move to ban Uber’s 40,000 drivers amid company failures to do adequate driver background checks.

“If the competition continues to insist on playing by a different set of rules, then New York should simply follow London and tell Uber to hit the road,” said Richard Lipsky, a spokesman for the Taxi Medallion Owners and Drivers Association, an organization that he says includes more than 6,000 immigrants."


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The total fallacy is that they created another class of driver's who don't have to follow the same rules or pay the same fees. It's a total joke. Try driving in Orlando where the price for an Uber is 1950's cab price and gas has already gone up 30 to 40 cents. Also, the revenue they used to get from taxi companies must have gone done a lot.