After earning enough points, no more incentive remains

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At 4:37pm yesterday on 31st October, message appeared "601 UBER PRO, Platinum Unlocked!"
I started looking into detail and one of the screen said "Through Jan 31, Earn 599 more points and give great service to unlock Diamond rewards".
And then one screen mentioned "Nov 1 - Jan 31, You earn points during fixed 3-months period. Points reset after each period"

I figured if I keep on driving for Uber for remaining 7 hours or so this Halloween Day, any additional points earned during those 7 hours or so will get reset when I would wake up in the morning of 1st November. So what is the "point" of driving even further, other than making money? So I called Uber support and they verified that yes, that is indeed the case, any points I would earn over my current 601 points will go to waste!

I switched to Lyft for the rest of the nite yesterday.
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