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Start by reading and⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐-⭐.149152/

New York State specific information

Rates, UberEats, Surcharges, Surges, Boosts, and Promotions



Don't even think about driving until you've purchased an insurance policy that covers commercial driving. Read about that at Most personal insurance companies are going to drop you if they learn you're ridesharing, even part-time. And the Uber contingent liability policy has a $1,000 deductible ($2,500 for Lyft) before (and/or if) they cover your medical claim or your property claim in the event you are involved in an at-fault accident.

Mandatory Decals (Trade Dress)


Legislation and Regulations

One of the first things you should know are the laws and regulations that regulate Uber and Lyft in this state. You can read it here:, but it may be more useful to review the DMV regulations and discuss the details of it here:

Service Animals

New York State Law described and discussed at

Child & Booster Seats

New York State Law described and discussed at

Long Trips

Uber won't cap the max payment, but will cut off a trip after 4 hours. Lyft has $500 maximum for NYS pickups, and you can read more here:
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