Advertising other gigs

Do you display other businesses advertisements

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Does anyone know UBER's "official" policy about having Vinyl window decals advertising other non-competing businesses or other marketing materials available in your car while driving pax around ?

(Also same question about Lyft)
I know I've seen stories (from a few years ago) about uber drivers who work there independent business while driving.


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What should it matter what Uber's official policy is? You're an independent contractor and it's you car. Do you happen to know the name of some of the businesses?


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So I found the "official" uber policy on this subject
(See picture)
What they don't know won't hurt them

Still wondering Lyft's official policy is & if they will approve me of they see asvertisment on the windows since I heard Lyft requires pictures of cars, but also heard they are more relaxed ¿