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LA Dude

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I have a home based business can we advertise and give business card and flyers to passsengers


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You'll get deactivated so fast your head will spin. All it takes is one pax to complain and you're done. I'll talk about the nature of my other job but I choose not to give out cards or websites to any pax.


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Email UberLA Support and ask them. They say sure or we "don't recommend it", then do it. They say "no you can't", save email for when you sue as an employee or file for unemployment or just forward it to the Uber Driver Class Action Lawsuit Lawyer of your choice.

Uber has chosen to say that they are a Tech Company and not a Transportation Provider. Uber believes that they are only creating "leads" and "passing these lead on" allowing the Driver (Transportation Provider) to connect to the Rider/Customer. Why should Uber have any say whatsoever on how you, the Driver and Transportation Provider utilize your vehicle for revenue generation like giving out your business cards or being paid by a company to have a tablet hanging on your passenger headrest running ads?
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I do it all the time. Almost every passenger gets my non-rideshare related business card.

Work it into the conversation naturally when they ask the inevitable "so how long have you been driving for uuuuber?"

LA Dude

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we are not employees independent contractors its my car why uber care if I promote my business as long its not driving related


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When pax ask driver for
Piece of Paper
Everything can have printed your own business name on it.

Not Me

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Advertise. Your car, you're an IC, so it doesn't matter. Just don't advertise anything illegal or your Lyft/Sidecar promo codes!