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I use to drive to KW, my uncle lives there and I would get rides in KW and get trip back to Toronto last year.

Anyways, this morning I end up getting a trip from DT to Oakville and then a trip Oakville to KW so I was what the heck I'll drive out there and go visit my uncle.

After doing the trip and visiting my uncle I switch on uber and notice I can no longer get trips in KW....

Ended up driving from KW back to Etobicoke empty.

What the heck? New regulations and app update sucks

Spoke with support line and apparently they now allow me to pick up in KW and a few other regions after 45mins on the phone - basically my drive back to Etobicoke

Unfortunately unable to test this until I'm in those regions again.

Let's see...

mystic love

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Do you need current 2010 year model to do KW area? If I have 2009...can I do KW if ever I get a drop off in those places?