Added a duplicate of my vehicle for UberLUX only


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After emailing support a few times, they added a copy of my vehicle so I can choose whenever I want to receive LUX requests only, and the other for when I want to be open to receive requests for both X & LUX.

They just made the change this morning, so I went out today to see how they work by making myself available to LUX & X at the same time. I was online for 4.5hrs and just received 1 LUX request, which was immediately canceled by the PAX LOL. Yesterday I drove for 3.5hrs on UberX only because I didn't have the option for LUX yet ( newbie) and I was able to complete 5 rides.

I'm wondering if the rider app takes more time for profile changes to update on their network. Just think is weird that yesterday I was online for less time and I was getting pings, even pool pings around MDCC which I ignored completely.
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I had a few hiccups getting set up. Here is the best way to check if u are correctly set up:
1)USe the passenger app to see if ur vehicle shows up. go on and off line as u switch between platforms and see if ur vehicle appears n disappears.
2) using another phone have a friend request a ride , set the pick up location so that it's on ur vehicle (on the map), and see if it goes to u.
Just be sure u immediately cancel the request. Do this for each of ur platforms.

A word of caution, don't use ur own rider account (one that has the same email as ur driver account). If u do, the ping will NOT go to u.

I am always concerned whether the system recognized that I'm online so I always log out and then log back in before starting my day.

Other things I was instructed to do if having technical difficulties:
Restart my phone
Turn airplane mode on, then off
Turn wifi off
Turn GPS off then back on again
Clear application cache
Uninstall app and reinstall
Always mk sure u have the latest version of the app so be sure to download all updates
Reset network settings
If none if this works, reset your phone

You can always go to their office n get live support.