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Active Duty Military should be able to pickup Downtown


New Member
I think Uber is a good way for Military families to make money to support their family. Since we are moving constantly it's hard for spouses to start a career in the private sector then move. I can't pickup Downtown because I must have Louisiana license and a car registered in Louisiana. Military families should be exempt and allowed to pickup downtown. Why are we not treated with respect?


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Don't waste your time, read up on #UberMilitary in this forum and elsewhere. It's a joke, it's exploitation, and a ripoff and disservice to veterans. If Fuber wants to be real and honest with supporting veterans it should start by reducing commissions deducted from the veterans. They instead entice you to drive for them using insane leases that you won't be able to dig yourself out unless you drive 70+ hours per week. Go look elsewhere while you can, it's only feasible for part-time work. I only pick up in the mornings on my way to work, if they are going in the opposite direction of my morning commute I cancel.