ACT driver licences now renewable online

Jack Malarkey

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ACT driver licences are now generally renewable online.

You immediately receive an interim licence valid for 28 days when you renew this way but the replacement licences themselves take up to 21 days to arrive through the post following renewal.

It would be foolhardy to assume that the Uber system will recognise an interim licence if you seek to upload it. (I may be wrong about this, but caution would be warranted, I suggest.)

It would be prudent, therefore, to renew your licence as soon as you receive the renewal notice so that you have the replacement licence (and not just the interim licence) in plenty of time to upload to the Uber system.

Here's relevant information from Access Canberra:

Who will and won’t be able to renew online?

If you hold a full, provisional or national heavy vehicle licence you can renew online if you had a photo taken in the past five years unless:

  • You are of an age where an eye test is mandatory (50, 60, 65 or 70).
  • Your licence is suspended, cancelled, disqualified, or you hold a restricted or probationary licence.
  • You have changed your name and have not previously told us.
  • You are unable to pay online.
If any of the above criteria are applicable, you must attend an Access Canberra Service Centre to renew.

Can I renew online without my licence renewal notice?

Yes, you only need your driver licence number and date of birth to renew online.

Will I need a new photo?

Most drivers who have had a photo taken in the past five years can renew online. If you would like a 10 year driver licence your photo must have been taken in the past 12 months.

What if I have overdue infringements?

If you have overdue infringements you can pay them online or over the phone. You may also apply to pay your infringements in instalments by applying for an infringement management plan over the phone.

Can I drive straight away after renewing online?

Yes. Your driver licence will be renewed as soon as payment is made and the licence will be updated. You will also be issued an interim licence which is valid for 28 days from the date of renewal.

What will be the fee for renewing online? Is it any cheaper?

All the same concession and good driver discount policies apply to your online renewal as they would if you were renewing in person.

I need a medical or police character check, can I still renew online?

You can still renew online if you require a medical or police character check. Documents can be uploaded when renewing online or submitted at a later date. Please ensure that you submit you're medical or police character check by the due date. If you attend an Access Canberra Service Centre to renew your licence you are required to submit your medical or police character at the time of renewal.

How early can I renew my driver licence?

Driver licences can be renewed up to 12 months in advance. To receive a 25% good behaviour history discount (if applicable), you have to wait until you receive your renewal reminder notice.

How long can I renew my licence for?

You can renew your licence for 5 or 10 years online.

To renew for 10 years, you need to have had your photo taken within the past year.

To renew for 5 years online you need to have had your photo taken within the past 5 years.

What if I don’t receive my licence card in the mail?

If you have not received your licence within 21 days of renewing online please contact Access Canberra on 13 22 81.