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Accusations of driving drunk

Discussion in 'Complaints' started by Mista T, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Good find T.

    I know I've said this and many have also.

    They have no choice. What else can they do.
    I know it must suck to get falsely accused, but what if the accused really is drink and Uber does nothing after it's been reported.
  2. Merc7186


    Buffalo NY
    I read this article at work....California is just messing with a poor company that only wants to give back to the community.
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  3. I think they should shut you down immediatly with instructons if you want to keep driving go to nearest police station and have a test done. If you pass test they should let you keep driving and go back on passengers for associated cost of said test.
  4. kc ub'ing!

    kc ub'ing!

    Reno, NV
    Close to a great idea. But huge liability if they tell a suspected drunk to drive anywhere!
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  5. Atom guy

    Atom guy

    The problem is is that Uber lets passengers report things days later. This just happened to me. Someone reported me impaired 8 DAYS after the trip. What good does it do to suspend me at that point?
  6. But again, it's not Ubers fault.
    Yes, filthy lying pax should be taken behind the barn and treated like a sick dog.

    But Uber still has no choice.
    If they report it to them, they have to do something to cover their butt
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  7. Gtown Driver

    Gtown Driver

    Washington DC
    I've seen this in another thread before. Basically one thing you can't blame Uber on. It's the law that forces them to do this, but unfortunately pax can use the law to try to get a free ride out of you. Not to mention the minimum 2 or 3 days of no work or being forced to turn on Lyft.
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  8. So you're saying you gave their phone back after 8 days?
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  9. Seamus


    New York
    Maybe they will force all drivers to install the ignition interlock you have to blow in to start the car!

    Uber Sucks .
    Uber Eats.

    Now uber BLOWS !?

    No Good whatsoever !

    Ridiculous !
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  11. uberdriverfornow


    It is the fault of Uber not to have a policy in place that actually investigates claims instead of just either ignoring claims altogether, which it allegedly previously did, and just assuming everyone that is reported is driving drunk, which it is now doing.
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  12. Uber Crack

    Uber Crack Author

    Good post Mr T,

    I think it's pertinent to add here that as drivers we can put in the effort to look alert at all times, to not lean back on our headrests as if we are very relaxed when driving, and say a few coherent sentences to our riders and make sure we don't seem like zombies.
  13. MoreTips


    I was working at a assisted living facility when one of the nursing assistants was acting very strange. Suspicious, management decided it was necessary to send him for a urine analysis, one problem, they confronted the employee and told them to immediately report to a testing facility some 5 miles away. On the way there the worker had a nasty crash. The employee later received a settlement because under suspension of impairment management was responsible for escorting the employee to the lab.

    Fair or not Uber and Lyft are probably smart to keep it simple. Immediate deactivation of the driver while a "investigation" is conducted sounds effective with limited liability.
  14. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    I get the rock and a hard place they are in. I do. Just hate the guilty until enough time has passed. Wish we could some how prove the negative.

    Just sux all around. Let us get a breathalyzer or drug test. Twice seemingly impaired here. What happens on #3?

    Do we know for a fact that passengers are rewarded for reporting? I also have 3 reports of not using a phone holder. 5 reports of safety violations and I was not actually guilty in any of the above.

    (But never get reported when I am lit up like a Christmas tree.)

    as far as you know, snicker
  15. here2der


    A temporary deactivation is reasonable -- all things considered. Problem arises when it's just an "investigation" rather than ACTUAL investigation -- without any consequnces to pax for false driver complaints.

    In my case, I had a pax immediately afterwards that was in the car at the time I received the message about the complaint from Uber (at around 2 in the afternoon). He was a classier gentleman from a nicer neighborhood and agreed to complete the longer ride agreeing with me that it was a fraudulent complaint of impairment. After the ride, I contacted Uber indicating my willingness to IMMEDIATELY take a breathalizer or blood testing to prove my innocence, and I asked for them to contact my most recent rider for his perspective.

    I ended up going to the local Police station. Policeman said they weren't able to give me a field sobriety test or breathalizer, unless I drove off looking impaired, which I didn't to him. All he could do was help me file Fare Evasion charges and indicated I would need to consult with an attorney about libel/defamation claims.

    Afterwards, I contacted Uber again with Police case number, officer name and badge number along with his request that I obtain the real pertinent rider information from Uber, so that he could continue the investigation. And I also offered to send them dash cam footage of myself and the meth head pax that made the claim. Uber responded that they didn't want to see dashcam footage and I was in violation of the privacy agreement asking for their info... But I wasn't to worry, as they would surely "investigate" the matter fully.

    Their message to me, after completing their "investigation" 24 hours later, in so many words: you are cleared to drive again, but if you don't stop drinking and driving, next time you will be permanently deactivated.

    Good ****.
  16. Danny3xd

    Danny3xd Moderator

    I love the all clear, come back to work wording.

    We know ya didn't do it. But don't do it again and thanks for understanding...."
  17. Gtown Driver

    Gtown Driver

    Washington DC
    Don't be drinking or driving now. Next time we'll take away your TV and PS4.
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  18. rideshare2870


    Don’t they do their fake investigation before deactivating someone?
  19. If they truly investigated claims then they would have something in place where you have to get to a clinic within 3 hours to do a pee test (there's mobile guys that will come to you now for pee samples).
    Either way your get deactivated until they get the results.

    No way around that if there's an accusation with or without a proper investigation.

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