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So Saturday morning (5/4/2019) I get a message on my app that says my account is temporarily on hold, a rider filed a complaint that I had denied them service based on a "federally protected trait" - I called support, and was told that the rider said that they had a service animal, and that I refused them due to the animal.

This is bogus - I've been driving almost 1 year, and I haven't had a single ride in which a rider had an animal. A higher-level support person called a little later, and asked about any recent cancellations I'd made. I had made one recently, a no-show outside The Banks at 1:30 in the morning.

The support person stated that some riders abuse the system and make bogus claims such as this one, because they're just upset their Uber cancelled.

Has anyone else had to deal with something like this? If the investigation reveals the guy's claim is bogus, what recourse(s) do I have?


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Hang in there.

I waited patiently for a young lady rider at Hughes High School for over six minutes.

Obviously thankful for my patience, she told me that we needed to drive 200 feet and block Clifton Avenue at 4:30 PM to pick up her twin sister, whom was too lazy to walk to the car.

After politely telling her that I can’t block traffic, she started throwing up profanity all over me. I cancelled the ride and left. At least she got a cancel ride charge.

That evening, I get the passive-aggressive Uber love note saying that “I made a rider feel uncomfortable, and this behavior will not be tolerated....”. 2400 rides, 4.97 and the patience of a saint, and this is how you support your “partners”?

This young lady was pissed that she was charged and that I did not do what she wanted, so she called Uber and came up with the best story that she could compose........

I went back and forth with Uber and asked them where I could send them the movie file from my dashcam. Uber didn’t want it. “We can’t be in the car with you” they said. No shit? You wouldn’t have missed anything - this young lady never got in my car but you could hear the f-bombs perfectly on the video.

realized that I was stuck in the passive-aggressive, warning-issued, second level, unsubstantiated driver-complaint queue, and that no evidence that I could provide, including an audio and video recording of the entire exchange, was going to make a difference.

It’s not so bad. You didn’t even realize that they were looking out for your best interests.
They are like that - constantly looking after the interests of all of their partners.

You will receive credit in purgatory for time served driving.
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