Account Suspended (Again)


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Just a message account suspended for suspicion of drugs or alcohol.Second time it happened in less than a year.
I have never used drugs in my life and haven’t drank alcohol in 7 years.
It’s insane a pax can absolutely say anything,(WTF)
I been doing this full time , with over 3,400 trips
I am quite frustrated not being able to work now,( especially on a Saturday night)
Thanks for reading this everyone
I just had to vent and put this out here


how long was your last suspension? and hopefully they reinstate your account before then? have you ever tried going to the lyft office in albany and talking to them about it?


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One thing I have learned driving during the drunk hours is to always air the car out after a pax gets out. Roll all the windows down as you are pulling away and let the stink out.

Febreeze too.