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Acceptance ratings?

Discussion in 'Houston' started by Bukrub, Sep 11, 2015.

  1. Bukrub


    Montgomery, Texas
    where can we see our trip acceptance percentage? Uber use to send me emails the first month for some BS $3500 bonus, but havnt been able to find it since. I see many mention what theirs is, but don't see mine.
  2. The only place I see them is in the payment statement after I get paid, and only for when I didn't qualify for a guarantee.
  3. I am sure the Pax can see it, ask them...
    *tongue in cheek*
  4. Where can you see the acceptance percentage? I must have missed it.
  5. On any processed payment under miscellaneous, click HTML and there will be lines like this...
    9/3/15 Thu 4pm-8pm $22.00/hr - You did not qualify because: total trips (5) was below the required level (7), acceptance rate (78.00%) was below the required level (80.00%)
  6. tripAces


    After looking around. It dawned on me they only supply it when you do guarantees. Only time I saw it was with the $3500 guarantee. Since I don't waste my time chasing guarantees they don't supply me with the acceptance rating.
    Last time I saw it I think it was around 93%.

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