acceptance rating and cancellation percent questions



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how do you check you acceptance and cancel ratings?

I got an email saying my acceptance rate is getting low

Does your acceptance rating and cancel rating reset each week, or is it cumulitive from the beginning of time?
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If you log in to the Uber portal from the web it has all of that, I didnt see it on mine but Im on an Android phone and I guess thats why after reading Drebee's post.


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I don't think we can check acceptance ratings anymore. Just another way for Uber to skimp out on paying incentives.


My acceptance rate shows when I logon to the partner site using a web browser (even on my phone) and select Payment Statements from the menu.

According to the small print, your completion rate is your Completed Rides divided by total requests. I keep track of cancellations so I can keep track of my total requests.
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