Acceptance Rate Questions?


Well first is there a place that you can view your acceptance rate? Next, today I was finishing a ride, I went offline. They sent the standard (are you sure). Yes let me offline like I asked please. I am offline now. I get a Ping! "Wtf?!" I think to myself. So I hit the ping to answer even though I was taking a break. Then it says "error." So shortly after I get the texts and email about refusing rides. This also from a day ago when I did not see a ping that was sent while I was navigating with a rider. So these are two unaccepted that I have in past two days. They email me and say "go offline to avoid have to deny rides." So I did but the ping made it through anyway. Also once I missed a ping for the phone being in the other room. Besides no longer driving for Uber is there anything that I can do about this?

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When I really have to take a break and I know next call might come through, I end the trip couple of seconds before reaching the destination. That seems to catch the servers off guard. I know it's kinda irritating to say the least when you accidentally hit the accept button on the ping.


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They don't seem overly concerned about it. I have an ongoing issue at Lovefield when In in the que I'm getting hammered with ride requests outside the airport. I emailed them and they said it was an automated thing and not to pay any attention to it. BUT I wanted something in email so if I get deactivated for it I can go to the office and show them proof.


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The error or invalid request is simply crossed wires of you logging off at same time as ping. Or psgr cancelling at same time.
It doesn't count as a cancel or non acceptance by you