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Acceptance rate and hourly guarantee


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I drove 37.73 hours last week with 92 trips and a rating of 4.93. I did not get the hourly guarantee because Uber says my acceptance rate was only 83%. I know I only ignored no more than 10 rides. Uber support says that I'm wrong but wont tell me the number or when I didn't accept the rides. I had to cancel several rides after waiting more than 5 minutes at the pick up location, Uber says that doesn't affect my rate. I have also been getting an error sometimes when I press to accept a ride saying "FORBIDDEN 404" They also say that wont affect my rate. And finally on several occasions when I have a PAX in the car the app pings like I have a new request and I have to reenter the navigation mode but again they say it doesn't affect my rate. Could there be a glitch in Uber's system that is driving my acceptance rate down? Has anyone ever requested/received an audit of their acceptance rate? I'm now starting a log of when I don't accept a ping so next time I have something to go back to them with. I am going to the partner support center today to see if I can get a better answer.
Do share what you found out. I worked a few hours this week and discovered my vehicle was listed as a high end uber by mistake. So I had no choice but to decline Uber XL requests. Now I'm at 89%. I suppose I need to work at that but I am not aware of what their standard is. So if anyone is aware, do let me know. Uber's site says it should NOT be below 90%.

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They won't pay what they don't want to pay. The first week of the new system I was on line for 1.1 hours ,three fares netting me 7 bucks. Uber said I was online for under an hour and didn't pay. I email them back and forth and I come to the conclusion that Travis Kalanik is a $!÷/# , ^/! €#== and a #^*&_ !!!!!


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So I went to the center on Miramar road and I found out 2 things first the new forward dispatch part of the app is possibly glitching which in some cases won't allow the driver to accept a forward disbatch ride when you have a Pax in route to their destination therefore reducing your acceptance rate. The second and most infuriating is that because I am a new driver just starting recently that I do not qualify for the hourly guarantee. When I signed up they had the hourly guarantee posted on the TV screen at the uber Center and I even emailed the support center to verify what I needed to do to meet the requirements and that "all" drivers qualify. I was at the center for over an hour and at the end they said sorry I was misinformed but they could not help me. I asked for the manager to follow up with me but so far I haven't heard anything. They said since I didn't receive an email or text with the guarantee that they couldn't give it to me even though they have told everyone including the media that the hourly guarantee is for all drivers.
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